How To Make Uu Matter

/how to/ uu matter produzieren [einfach] + download, -----­-----­----- in diesem tekkit lite tutorial erkläre ich wie man eine uu matter produktion baut -----­-----­----- bitte beachtet das dies nur ein. Fast and easy tekkit tutorial #2: how to make iridium ore, In this video i will show you how simple it is to make iridium ore. hope you enjoy, like, comment, and subscribe. thanks.. Uu-matter - the tekkit cl.ic wiki, Tips and tricks. if you want diamonds, it is better to use 5 uu-matter to create gold ore. then macerate them into gold dust then smelt them to make 4 gold ingots.

Uu-matter - tekkit lite wiki, Tips edit. uu-matter is a very useful item as you can create many raw materials from it. this can be especially useful in factories (e.g. for hv solar arrays) where.

Uu-matter - feed the beast wiki, Uu-matter (universal usable matter) is an item from the industrialcraft 2 mod. it is produced using industrialcraft's mfabricator (disabled by gregtech by default. Uu-matter - feed the beast wiki, This article is a disambiguation page for uu-matter. the following is a list of links to pages that share the samele or have similar meanings..

Matter fabricator - feed the beast wiki, The matter fabricator's two states. the matter fabricator, part of the gregtech mod, is used to create uu-matter from eu and scrap, uranium dust, or a handful of.

[addon v1.112+] liquid uu-matter v0.7.12b (now officially, 1 uu + 1 water = 10 water; 1 uu + 1 lava = 5 lava; 1 uu + 1 oil = 2 oil (does not work in minecraft < 1.4.5 due to buildcraft bug) 2 uu + 1 fuel = 2 fuel. The undefeated reviews & ratings - imdb, "the undefeated" is one of the finest of john wayne's later westerns, "true grit" excepted and taking into consideration that "big jake" is nothing to slouch at..

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